Saturday, July 2, 2011


How to open instaforex demo account?

1. It is ONLY possible to open an account with a trader’s terminal. Please download one here.

2. Once the setup file is downloaded, please install the program.

3. Once the program is installed, please launch the terminal. Now you can open an account. In the top menu, under File ->, please choose the Open Account item.

4. Please fill out the registration form. Define the account types that you would like to open. Also choose the initial deposit amount for the study account. The following amount will be automatically enrolled to your study account in terms of virtual money. The fictional deposit amount will be in USD.

5. Once all fields are filled out correctly, and you have chosen your settings, be sure that “Receive news via email” is checked, then the “NEXT” button should become active. Click on “NEXT” and continue. As a result, you should then receive your account number and password. Please keep these in a safe place and do not forget them.

You may have as many demo-accounts as you wish, therefore you can open a new demo-account to work out a new strategy on your terminal with your educational account.


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